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Ascension Automation Grows Again

Growth is the name of the game at Ascension Automation Solutions Ltd. After moving into a new space in Cambridge, Ontario in early 2023, the initial square footage was quickly utilized to house a variety of applications, including office space and a bustling shop floor. With the initial space rapidly filled and new business continuing to emerge, it didn’t take long to outgrow the allotment. Ascension Automation has continued to acquire new parcels of square footage at the existing location, now overseeing roughly 25,000sq.ft. of automation, welding, grinding, machining, painting, training, desk space, and more.

Two white robot arms

What started as a passion project in a makeshift shop, born from a drive for creative problem-solving is now a thriving centre for automation and manufacturing, leading the industry with unique software applications that allow for leaner, more efficient automation. Now providing space for a growing team of 200+ employees and contractors, there is no end in sight for what Ascension Automation aims to achieve.

The on-site machine shop, operated by subsidiary Ascension Manufacturing Ltd., is CWB certified for steel components, and is fully outfitted for milling, grinding, and welding. With multiple lathes in operation, the team can turn parts of various sizes and complexities. The space is also home to multiple state-of-the-art CNC milling machines that can travel at more than 50m/minute, and with bed sizes up to 34" wide. Further, by marrying the machine shop with the existing automation operations, superior part quality is ensured. The shop can engage in high-volume welding and run with maximum efficiency to get client parts in-hand with minimal down time.

The Ascension Automation facility includes a fully equipped training room, allowing for hands-on instruction for in-house staff and external clients. Offering courses on FANUC iRVision, welding, advanced programming, and more, students learn from industry experts – without sacrificing operational time at their home shop.

Ascension Automation is excited to continue their rapid growth to meet customer demand for automation, manufacturing, training, and beyond.

About Ascension Automation

Established in 2013, Ascension Automation Solutions are the experts in the field of industrial robotics with a specialty in robotic manufacturing applications, providing everything from system design to machine commissioning. We tackle any project, including but not limited to custom automation (design and build), machine retro-fit, automation integration, and all required maintenance and service. Our team is always up for a challenge – if you can think of it, we can do it.

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