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Rapid Deployment allows you to commission any number of robots from your computer. The program will automatically configure all connected devices, set up material handling software, correct the syntax for all offline programs, and set up standard macros.


Extractor automatically takes backups of all connected robots and uses those backups to perform conformity checks against robot programming standards.


The Destruct Tool allows technicians to see all associated data for each individual weld at a glance in an easy-to-use graphic interface. Findings can be recorded, logged, and communicated automatically, with reports generated on trending issues.


Ascension Automation Solutions offers Fanuc, SCA, and WTC Data Tools to directly integrate with Ignition.

Ascension AS partners with RobotMaster to provide customers with the necessary support to integrate RobotMaster software into their existing workflow. RobotMaster is OLP (Offline Programming) software that uses 3D CAD models of your parts and the robot cell to automatically generate robot programs. This allows users to troubleshoot potential issues with configuration, interference, and potential collisions before the robot is even installed. With RobotMaster, become more confident in your engineering - you
will prevent revisions after the tooling is built, maintain more accurate cycle-time estimation, and find all potential collisions, joint-limits, and singularities in the design phase of your install. RobotMaster allows users to program any robotic application, including: MIG welding, dispensing/sealing, grinding,
milling, laser and plasma cutting, and painting. Additionally, users can generate robot code for external axes such as trunnions, linear rails, and weld positioner - all before equipment ever hits the floor.

Any robot can use RobotMaster, whether the system is brand-new or legacy. RobotMaster allows for the diverse use of equipment, meaning you no longer need a 10,000 piece production run to make your robot purchase worthwhile; you can quickly reprogram and design tooling for small batch runs.
Ascension AS will help ensure your robot cell setup is calibrated so your OLPs are accurate upon launch with minimal adjustments once the program is live.


Ascension Automation Solutions uses their extensive multi-industry experience to build custom software solutions for large and small-scale factories, automotive facilities, and more. Whether the goal is remote robot configuration, downtime reduction, predictive maintenance, or more, our team of experts can create solutions that you’ll only find at Ascension. We analyze the robot logs, variables, and alarm data to get you what you need, when you need it. Every production facility is different, we can build the perfect solution for exactly what you need.

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